Avikant Saini

Developer. Designer. Photographer. Geek.
Experimenting with different fields.
I like what I do.

ATV Series

The one and only app you need for managing all your TV Shows.
Designed exclusively for OS X, this app helps you follow your favorite TV Series, and discover new ones.

Meme Maker

Add customized text to popular images, or choose your own, share with the world.
Pick from a collection of memes, or provide your own image, edit the text and text properties and share with friends and the internet.

Meme Maker (Mac)

Add customized text to popular images, or choose your own, share with the world.
Native OS X macOS app.


Intelligent smart assistant that operates via SMS service. National level finalists at Microsoft's code.fun.do Showcase/Campus hackathon with @ykl7.


Some design samples by me.
CG, T-Shirts, posters, memes, etc.


The official app for Revels in MIT, Manipal. This app is extremely useful to keep track of all the events and also get the results on the go.


Design and organizational work for MUPy - Manipal's Python DevCon. Also worked on iOS application, and on the website for the same.


An attempt to clone the basic functionality of Samaritan from CBS' Person of Interest.
Source code available here.


ResearchKit based health, fitness and training tracking application made in less than 24 hours at AngelHack (Manipal) with @shubhsin and @ykl7.


Music based chat application made in less than 24 hours for the Microsoft's code.fun.do campus hackathon with @shubhsin and @ykl7.

LUG Manipal

The official open source LUG Manipal iOS app made in pure Swift.
Source code available here.

Pocket Ticket

iOS Developer at The Campus Connect.

What I do

Primarily I am an iOS and Mac OS X developer with over two years of experience with both Objective-C and Swift. Currently experimenting with different fields in computing, and .

Application Development

iOS/macOS applications. Use them all the time to develop personal as well as professional applications. Check out few of my projects on GitHub.

Backend Development

I have adequate experience with backend development using Python, and have worked on some APIs/websites. Some of the examples include Meme Maker API, PyPals website, and hello_friend which won the third prize at Microsoft code.fun.do hackathon.


I am currently a third year under graduate at MIT, Manipal, India, majoring in Computer Science, where I regularly update Academic Stuff like assignments, and lab work.


Enthusiast, I tend to click photographs of random things when bored. Check some of my photos here.


I know my way around a photo-editing and design. I do most of my applications' design myself. Also have sufficient experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Check some of my designs here. (Added bonus, I make dank memes :p)

Videography | Editing

I occasionally do video recording, editing, sound mixing. Check some of my video edits out here.